Success Stories

  • Tony and I knew that we had two incredible boys, (Holden 6 and Collin 4) two amazing jobs we both loved, but we were in a rut. We had been members at another gym for years, but I couldn’t remember the last time I had stepped foot in the door. When I did go to the gym, I was never sure of what I was supposed to do. Right after our second child was born, I had a personal trainer for about 6 months and even lost 11 lbs, but I was never motivated and always felt something was missing. I had been suffering from mild anxiety attacks and our Doctor suggested actually getting out and doing something. Tony didn’t really have problems working out, but we always found an excuse not to go.One Saturday morning Tony suggested that we go and look at CrossFit. That’s right…we did not actually go to the free workout to participate we just wanted to watch! (FYI – not only did they forget to install air conditioning, there are no seats. You are expected to jump in and participate!) What I saw was crazy. There were people of all ages and fitness levels asking their bodies to do things I had never dreamed of. My favorite was a woman about 7 months pregnant lifting weights. I just watched in awe! Surely if someone in their third trimester and another in their 60s could handle this I could, right?

    Tony and I agreed we would join. We even worked out a mutually agreeable schedule so the boys were taken care of. He would workout three mornings a week and I would work out one evening and the two other mornings. I hate waking up period, never mind getting up for a 6:15a.m.workout, but after a month I found that I loved shirking my mom responsibilities and going to the gym two times a week. Who knew, the kids still made it to school with clothes on and we discovered Tony is a much better breakfast cook than I ever dreamed of being. The kids were happy (they traded in cold cereal for eggs and bacon) and I found time for myself. Every time I felt I couldn’t take another step or squat down, someone was in my class shouting good job, or you’ve got this. At first I thought they were patronizing. I quickly learned that was part of the CrossFit culture. Who are these people? Not only are they fit, but also nice and so darn positive?

    We immediately discovered our eating habits were inadequate for our demanding new workouts. We decided to follow the Zone Diet and eventually ventured into the world of Paleo! (This is a whole other topic of blunders and disasters.) In the end we have achieved fitness levels we never dreamed possible.

    Going in I just wanted to survive, today I have lost 43 pounds and gone down 8 pant sizes. I gained an entirely new wardrobe, cardio endurance and confidence I didn’t know was possible. Tony has lost 27 lbs, gained muscle definition, endurance and gone from a 36” to a 32” waist. Also, he has gained considerably more flexibility and the ability to do some of the more complicated movements, including handstand push-ups – which really impressed our boys! Conversations around the dinner table now include squats, clean, snatches and jerks. Our boys have become more active and we recently completed our first Warrior Dash. I can promise you two years ago I would have never run 3.2 miles and swam through mud pits. Now I can’t wait for the next one.

    I still have a long way to go, I can’t string together half the exercises some of the others CrossFitters complete. Tony is working on lifting more weight and trying to get a muscle up, but the environment at CrossFit doesn’t focus on what you can’t do. Everyday you try just a little more.

  • Just like a lot of people, I have always had the gift of being able to find excuses for not exercising. It would actually be safe to say that I hate exercise. Before starting CrossFit, I played soccer in high school and basically hadn’t done voluntary exercise since that time (1994). I was always active in my daily life but never in a way to really keep me healthy.

    I got married in 2000 to someone who was the complete opposite of me when it came to physical fitness. My wife exercised at least 5 days a week, lifting weights, attending fitness boot camps, and teaching cycling classes while also going for regular runs around the neighborhood. On several occasions, I tried getting into the gym routine with her but always found it difficult to stay motivated long enough to see any results. I think all of my gym attempts lasted about 2 weeks.The fun times of high school and college left me with the nasty habit of smoking, and I continued to smoke up until 6 years ago when my first son turned one. Within the first month of quitting, I began to really feel the effects of my body becoming more healthy; however, I began to gain weight.

    By the time our first son was three and our second was just turning one, I was the heaviest I had ever been in my life and knew it was time to do something about it. I am not blessed with a high level of patience, and I knew that losing 1-2 pounds a week was not going to work for me. Over the next couple years, I did several rapid weight loss diets and had success with them but as soon as I was done, the weight started coming back. During this time, it was nice to see the weight come off but I also knew that it was not a healthy way to lose the weight.One morning, while getting ready for work, I had to stop and catch my breath after putting on one of my shoes. I realized I had been putting my feet up on something just to tie my shoes because it was so uncomfortable to bend over. I began to think about my boys growing up and how I wouldn’t be able to chase them around the yard, show them how to play sports, or even go on bike rides with them. I knew then that it was time to do something. A friend of mine had been doing CrossFit for about 18 months and had nothing but good things to say about it so I decided to go see what it was about. I have to admit that after watching a class, I was a bit scared. Despite my fears, I was still determined to make a change in my life so I signed up for the On-Ramp class and haven’t looked back since.

    The first month was tough! I had major muscle soreness and my ego got a major check from being the last one done each day, but I kept pushing and kept showing up for classes. I started to really watch what I was eating and began to learn a lot about living a healthy lifestyle. Within the first couple of weeks I started seeing major changes in my body. The scale was dropping at a pretty rapid pace and my clothes were starting to get really loose. By the third month, I had lost nearly 30 pounds and my body was taking on a shape that it never had before. I had tons more energy and could do things like tie my shoes or run around with my boys without feeling like I was going to pass out. In April, 2012, I ran my first 10K mud run and completed it without stopping. Voluntarily going on a run is something I thought I would never do again. It was a blast and I enjoyed every minute of it!

    It has been 19 months since my first CrossFit class, and I can honestly say that not once have I ever thought of it as exercise. For me, it is now just a part of my weekly routine and I can’t imagine my life without it. I didn’t start CrossFit to become some world-class fitness athlete. I did it to get my life back. I have made lots of new friends and reconnected with some old friends. The CrossFit Waco community is something that can only be explained and understood by those that are in it. I am not only thankful for it but also very proud to be a part of it.

  • A few years ago, I went to the doctor for a routine physical, I hadn’t seen a doctor in a very long time. He informed me that I had high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and was several pounds overweight. I was 190 pounds when I graduated college in 2006, and was 245 pounds when I went in for my physical. I was living a very sedentary lifestyle and it was costing me my health. I decided I would start hitting the gym more (3-4 days instead of 0-2 days a week). I had a hard time consistently going to the gym because it was always so boring, and I always had something better to do. I tried a couple of fad diets and weight-loss products with no real success. I only was able to successfully lose 10 pounds on my own, it was going to take a miracle to get where I wanted to be.

    I was first introduced to CrossFit while sitting in George’s one Friday after work. Someone put the CrossFit Games on one of the bar TV’s, and all I could do was stare in awe of what I was watching. It looked like a lot of fun, but one of those things you had to already be in great shape to do (that excluded me for sure). A few weeks later, I saw a deal on Livingsocial for a week of On-Ramp and a month of classes. I’m not sure what it was that drove me to sign-up, but I did. Walking into CFW for the first time was utterly intimidating. People were throwing barbells around, doing a bunch of pull-ups, and there was a mural on the wall of clowns puking (what have I gotten myself into!?!).

    I’ve been doing Crossfit for 10 months now, and I think it’s one of the best things I’ve done for myself. Sometimes it really sucks, especially during hard workouts where your entire body is screaming for you to quit. My friends and coworkers think I’m nuts when I tell them about the WOD that day, but they have become one of the best parts of my day. If you stick with it and give it an honest effort, there is no way you’re not going to come out better. I’ve been able to lose nearly 30 more pounds, reverse my high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and am more energetic than I’ve been in a long time. Simply put, I love the person CrossFit has helped me become.

  • After I had my youngest child I had just resolved to myself that I was going to be fat and that I should just accept it. Between working full time and raising two small children, the stress of life got to me and I started taking anti-depressant medication. But deep down I knew that I didn’t want to be that kind of role model for my son and daughter, and I didn’t want to live a life that I had to take a pill to make me feel better about myself. Thankfully, my friend Ashley roped me into coming to a Saturday workout – and I was hooked! Since joining CrossFit in July 2012, I’ve lost 36 pounds and gone down at least 2 pant sizes. I no longer need the medication, and I feel strong and more confident than I have felt in years. I am truly amazed at all the tasks I have been able to accomplish. As a testament to this, I work at the TX DPS crime lab, and each year we are given the opportunity to complete a physical readiness test to assess our fitness on the concept 2 rower (2000 m row). Those that reach the 90% VO2 max are awarded the “fitness star” and given time off for their achievements. Although I was afraid I might fail, I signed up to take the test. And I am very proud to say that although I didn’t earn the “fitness star” I did kick butt and reach 89%! (I was just 1 second off!) I would have never had the courage or physical ability to do this before I started CrossFit. I know this is just the beginning for me, and I am so excited to see how far I can go in 2013!

  • My CrossFit journey started June 24, 2012 after weighing in at 182 pounds, hating myself, and crying in the shower for at least an hour.  Two Saturdays prior to my meltdown I had tried CrossFit for the first time and was probably still in pain from that workout.  I figured I had nothing but jiggles to lose and started On-Ramp the very next day.

    I have been successful in my weight loss journey and have dropped 25 pounds to date!  Even though I’m proud of my numbers on the scale, I am even more proud of the stronger, more confident athlete that I am becoming.  I no longer pay much attention to the numbers on the scale going down, but get excited when my numbers on the barbells go up!

    CrossFit has been an experience like no other for me.  I now know that there are thousands of great reasons to sleep in, or feel lazy and skip a workout, but there’s one greater reason to go: myself.  WOD’s are torturous to me and sometimes I just want to die…or puke…but I look forward to the end of each workout when I can say to myself: ‘I did it. I’m stronger and faster than I have ever been, and I can’t wait to come back.’

    I’m currently training for my first half-marathon (January 27th!)

  • I have always considered myself to be very active in life, however when it came to working out I had a problem with getting motivated. Every now and then I would go to the Y and workout, which was very rare, but I never felt like I could get anything done. Soon my wife and I had our first kid, and being in an office environment, having extra time was harder to come by.

    Over the last four or five years I had watched my wife run numerous half marathons, one full marathon, and the Waco Triathlon. After a few years of being on the side lines as a spectator I decided that I wanted to make a complete change in my life. I started off by trying to eat healthier and running when I could, but still couldn’t shed the few extra pounds that I had put on or improve my overall performance. That all changed last summer when on one of our family vacations I started really hearing of CrossFit from my sister and brother-in-law (Jason and Leslie Graves). I was totally blown away by the results of CrossFit that I saw in them and I was immediately sold.

    At the time I still didn’t know where to start, however that changed in September at Margarita Salsa Festival 2010 when my wife won me the silent auction bid for six on-ramp classes and an unlimited three month membership to CrossFit Waco. Over the previous month leading up to that I had read up on CrossFit a little and was interested, but truth be known I was a little nervous about the intensity. After getting through on-ramp I remember walking into my first work out nervous as hell and not knowing what to expect. But I was determined to make this work for me as well. After all, I couldn’t have my little sister being tougher than me (by the way my sister still kicks my butt).

    The first month doing Crossfit was hard and I was constantly sore. I would get done with a WOD and be sore in one particular place only to come in the next day and work out and be sore in a whole new place, however I started noticing changes almost immediately. Within the first month I had dropped 10 pounds and lost over an inch in my waste. After that first month my recovery time started improving after a workout and I was sore less often. My energy level shot through the roof in a way that I hadn’t felt since I was a kid. Over the last 12 months since starting CrossFit I have gone from weighing around 197 down to 165. My overall endurance and strength has increased. My energy level is absolutely unbelievable and I constantly feel great. With a combination of eating right (Paleo) and CrossFit, I have attained a level of fitness that I have never experienced. Thanks for the motivation, support, and the occasional butt-whipping: Jonathon S., Jason G., Jimmy S., Brandon S., the 5:15er’s, 6:15er’s, and the rest of the CrossFit Family.

  • I do not come from a super-athletic background. I ran track and cross-country in high school and have always run for enjoyment, but I have never considered myself an athlete. Ever. I’ve never been fast or strong or better than average at sports, and I told myself that I was okay with that. After all, I’m a 30-something mommy with two kids and a husband at home. At this point in my life, why should that matter?

    In January, 2010, I decided to make a change. I was burned out on running all the time, I wasn’t seeing physical results from just running, and I was in a workout rut. I started TUF Boot Camp the first week of January. This was the change I needed. It was tough, and I would dread the workout all day long, but loved it when I was there. Jimmy was encouraging and he pushed me, which is exactly what I needed.

    In March, I was no longer content to just do boot camp 3 days a week, so I was looking for something to “fill in the gaps” on Tuesdays and Thursdays. My husband had been doing CrossFit for several months, and he convinced me to try a workout. I still remember it, 45 lb. thrusters and burpees. It was an under 10 minute workout and it was rough! My initial thoughts about CrossFit were that these people were way too hardcore for me, but I figured I’d try it out and see how it went. I started On-Ramp with Jonathon and I was hooked. I’d dabbled in weight training before, but this was a whole new concept. It didn’t take long before I was showing up for the noon class every day of the week.

    There is something about CrossFit that lit a fire in me. I now have a burning drive to become stronger, faster and better at everything. I crave the high I get when I hit a new PR on a lift, or smash my previous time on a benchmark workout. I have never felt better, healthier, stronger, and each day is another challenge that I am ready to seek with a vengeance. CrossFit teaches you that your body can perform at a much higher level than your mind gives you credit for. It’s about breaking through those mental barriers and realizing your potential.

    I cannot tell you how much CrossFit has changed my life and my family’s lives for the better. In the past 10 months, I have lost 12 lbs., 10% body fat, and have gone from a size 8 to a size 2. My body has completely changed, and my outlook on health and fitness has changed. I have competed in 2 CrossFit competitions, 3 adventure races and worked countless hours on improving my weaknesses. I have so much more confidence now, and I truly am an athlete!

  • With few exceptions to my life since high school, sports had been a pretty sedentary college lifestyle filled with fast food and a maddening sleep schedule. I saw a friend over the summer that had been working out at a CrossFit gym, and after briefly talking to him I had enough interest to look up the website. In August I signed up for a free intro workout and showed up hoping for the best. We did an eight minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) workout with air squats, pull-ups, and sit-ups. I managed to make it through the full eight minutes but immediately went outside and said hello to that morning’s breakfast. I was drained but knew that it was what I had been looking for. I signed up for an On-Ramp course the next week and haven’t looked back.

    “I walked into the gym at 248 lbs, by far the heaviest of my life. Five months later I weight 198 lbs and just made it through an absolutely grueling 35 minute workout without having to take a break.”

    My friends think I am nuts but I work out at 5:15 am every morning before class now and I wouldn’t give it away for anything. I have walked in and seen workouts on the board that were downright scary but after finishing them the rest of my day is a breeze. I walk out of the box knowing that whatever happens, I can take it on. Just like in a workout, I might be dead tired and look like hell but I know that I can finish. I saw this quote on a CF forum and it has stuck with me; “You can puke, you can pass out, or you can die, but you can’t quit.” Now dying is not on my to do list anytime soon but the quote is enough to keep me going; hey whatever works, right? To me a workout is no longer a trip to the gym in which you casually walk from one machine to another while making sure to wipe off the benches. I wouldn’t know what to do without having my workout timed and people around me pushing me to be quicker.

    The great thing about CrossFit is that you are never able to settle and be content with your results. It is such a massive community that if you are the “best” at your gym, odds are that somebody not too far away is either just as good or better. As for me, I could CrossFit every day for the rest of my life and still have stuff to work on, but for now I’m most focused on seeing my speed during workouts increase. Having powerlifted in high school, it was always high weight and low reps with lots of rest in between and CrossFit is completely the opposite.

    If you are on the fence about whether or not to give Crossfit Waco a try, I urge you to commit to an intro workout and see how it goes. CrossFit works, plain and simple. The diet which the gym prescribes makes sense; now it is by no means mainstream in today’s society but it is so simple a caveman could do it. I have not taken any supplements but a simple protein powder over the past five months and my results still make me do a double take. I’m not where I want to be yet but I am a lot closer than I was before I stepped into CFW. No pills, no weird foods, just sweat, occasionally blood, and a whole lot of discomfort along the way. Trust me, if I did it anyone can.

  • shelly2014cfwsucstory

    I started with CrossFit Waco on January 5th, 2013. The summer of 2012, I was fed up with the weight I had gained after I had my daughter. I was taking blood pressure medication, I couldn’t play with my kids without getting out of breath, and really just did not like the way I felt about myself. I tried to lose it on my own and was successful in losing 10 lbs. I got frustrated and let my emotions and eating get the best of me and gained it back by Thanksgiving.
    Around that time, a friend had posted a link to the City of Waco’s New Year, New You program. I decided to apply and was thrilled about being one of the 6 people chosen to participate in losing weight and getting healthy publicly. The day we were supposed to find out who our trainers were, I had no idea that I would be paired with CrossFit Waco. I had looked up CrossFit before and I was completely intimidated by it. When they told me I would be doing CrossFit for the next 12 weeks, I was super nervous and scared. I was pretty sure I was going to be surrounded by all of the beautiful, sculpted people who could do a million pull-ups and throw around heavy weight like it was nothing. I was afraid I’d be laughed at. Good thing I was wrong.
    My first day of CrossFit, I sat in my car for 15 minutes before talking myself into getting out and going in. Jonathon had me do a 7 minute workout. I’m pretty sure I wanted to pass out or throw up, or both. It really was not a hard workout- lunges, sit ups, push ups, and kettlebell swings- I just had not really exercised in so long that my body was in shock. Then Jonathon told me that in a few weeks that would be my warm up. I thought he was crazy. The biggest struggle I had for the first few weeks was what other people thought about me while I was working out. I quickly came to realize that no one is paying attention to what you are doing. They are focused on getting through the workout themselves. If they did finish before you, they became your biggest cheerleader. No one ever laughed at my weight or the fact that I pretty much walked when running. There was always someone willing to run that last 200m with me or cheer me on in my last round of whatever we were doing that day.
    CrossFit has changed my life in so many ways. I am off my blood pressure medication, I am able to play with my kids, I ran my first 5k with no training in November 2013, and I am just generally a lot more happier. I love the feeling of accomplishing a workout that seemed like it was going to be extremely difficult. My biggest weakness was my negative mind before I started with CrossFit Waco but after completing a hard workout, there is no way to be negative. I have a lot more positive outlook on life and myself now. I can’t imagine not being able to go to my workouts. I even workout when we travel, which NEVER happened before I started with CrossFit Waco.
    In the 12 weeks that I did New Year, New You, I lost 23 lbs and went from 39% body fat to 33% body fat. In the last year my total weight loss has been 35 lbs. I am at the weight I was before having my first child and never would’ve thought that I could look better than before I had kids. I look fit and love it.
    I would definitely encourage everyone to give CrossFit a try. The community is one of the most amazing aspects of it. I have made so many friends, who I now consider family in the last year. It changed my thoughts on being healthy. Exercise does not have to be boring. It is fun with CrossFit and everyday is a new day. And I would definitely encourage everyone to try CrossFit Waco. Jonathon and all of the other coaches have been amazing over the last year. They have a way of positively pushing and encouraging you to keep going even when you feel like you can’t move another muscle. They want to see you succeed and will do everything they can to help you.

  • 1078a I started CrossFit in August of 2012.   I first learned about CrossFit when my son started a Speed and Strength class at the CrossFit gym.  This Speed & Strength class for young athletes was recommended for my son’s baseball team.  While taking our son to this class my husband saw the CrossFit classes in progress.  My husband was very excited about the CrossFit program and recruited me to join with him.  At the time I was taking a Zumba class twice a week.  I really enjoyed Zumba but was interested in adding weight training to my fitness program.

                Several years ago I had a bone density scan and was found to have low bone density or Osteopenia.  I knew that weight bearing exercises could help to minimize bone loss and I was hoping that CrossFit could help.  I had a follow up bone density scan about one year after starting CrossFit and my bone density had increased to a normal level.

                I am a Pediatric Dentist with a dental practice in Waco.  As do many dentists, I have had problems with lower back pain.  Strengthening my core through CrossFit has eliminated my lower back pain.  Many success stories can boast weight loss.  My weight has not changed significantly, however my body has changed, shifting to more muscle and less fat.  A few weeks ago I installed a pull-up bar in my office.  I am improving every day.1123bw

    Starting CrossFit initially was intimidating, I had very limited experience with weight lifting in the past.   I found the coaches to be very supportive and so helpful in modifying workouts as needed.  Focusing on form and technique was stressed.  I was told not to worry about the amount of weight I could lift, that would come with time and it has!  I am not lifting massive amounts of weight or running a four minute mile, but at 47 years of age I am stronger and in better shape than I have ever been in my life.

    1151aI believe anyone can greatly benefit from CrossFit regardless of their age or fitness level.  I am so impressed with the staff as well as the organization of the CrossFit Waco gym.  Classes always start on time and the workouts are clearly presented.  There are plenty of class times to choose from, making it convenient for those of us with busy schedules.  The coaches are friendly and very professional.  CrossFit Waco members are also so welcoming and encouraging.

                I really enjoy the CrossFit workouts, the camaraderie, and I love that I am getting stronger every day!